How To Use Usb Connector?
When choosing usb connector, there are many factors to be considered, among which environmental parameters are one of the important factors, including temperature, humidity, air pressure and so on. Under different environmental conditions, the use of usb connectors is also different.
1. High temperature environment
The metal material and insulating material of usb connector determine the working environment temperature of the connector. High temperature will destroy the edge material, causing the insulation resistance and voltage resistance to decrease; For metals, high temperature can make the contact pair lose elasticity, accelerate oxidation and cause coating deterioration. The normal ambient temperature is -40~80℃, which may be higher in special occasions.
2. Humid environment
Relative humidity is greater than 80%, which is the main cause of electrical breakdown. Humid environment causes the absorption and diffusion of water vapor on the surface of insulator, which easily reduces the insulation resistance to below mω level. Long-term exposure to high-humidity environment will cause physical deformation, decomposition and escape of products, resulting in respiratory effects, electrolysis, corrosion and cracks. Especially for usb connectors outside the equipment, humidity, water seepage and polluted environmental conditions should be considered. In this case, sealed connectors should be selected

3, the temperature change environment.
The sudden change of humidity test is to simulate the actual use of usb connector in a cold environment to a warm environment, or to simulate the sudden change of environmental temperature of spacecraft and detectors. The sudden change of temperature may crack or delaminate the insulating material.
4. Thin air environment
At the high altitude where the air is thin, the plastic releases gas to pollute the contact pair, which increases the trend of corona generation, decreases the voltage resistance and causes short circuit fault in the circuit. When it reaches a certain value at high altitude, the properties of plastics become worse. Therefore, when the unsealed connector is used at high altitude, it must be derated.
5, corrosive environment
According to the use of usb connector in different corrosive environments, choose the connector with corresponding metal, plastic and plating structure, such as the connector used in salt fog environment, if there is no anticorrosive metal surface, the performance will deteriorate rapidly. In the environment containing considerable concentration of SO2, it is not suitable to use silver-plated contact pair connectors. In hot flashes, mold is also an important problem.